All kinds of solution but finally it’s a “mission impossible”

When we talk about love shyness we should know that it’s not a simple type of disorder. It’s very special type. It means that you are facing with a continuous pressure of both inside and outside. You lose any opportunity to be with a girl and this have its own consequences. you become desperate and depressed and feel that you are a real loser. It’s a cycle of worst feeling a man can experience. Also consider that there is some painful anxiety and traumas.

If you want to solve your problem with love shyness I think there is not any pill to solve your problem easily. Also I don’t think a psychologist could really help. some advises like positive affirmation or day dreaming or finding love shy girl or the solution like these i think also is not the solution.   To be realistic most of them don’t really work. It’s a very difficult problem. unless you don’t know how difficult the problem is every solution will not be really helpful.

To solve this problem i think there is only two way : an improved scientific approach or a deep and wise psychoanalytic study. for the first one i think there no hope for nowadays because this disorder is not bold and well known. but for the second one I’m not sure. you may find a psychoanalyst who can really solve the problem.

I’m not going to make you disappointed but it is very important to know that it’s really a big problem. It is like walking from New york to Shanghai. I think it’s possible to solve the problem but one should understand that it’s not easy. He should put lots of effort and should be very determined and should  know that the solution may take long time.  It’s a “mission impossible” but for one who is determined and prepared it’s achievable.




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