misunderestanding about cure

Suppose that someone found a treatment for love shyness. How it should be? What’s the output look like? Is it to go out and suddenly pick up a girl?

I think if we want to measure a cure for love shyness we should not expect that just after the treatment you can easily find a girl to have sex with or to flirt with. It is a wrong attitude. specially in case of love shyness these kind of wrong expectations will hurt a love shy person a lot.

Actually I think in each society there are lots of normal people who are not able to easily pick up a girl. for a very few people it’s possible to easily seduce girls. Many of normal people don’t know how to treat with females. the problem of love shyness in this case is like many of other normal people. But the difference is that for a normal one situations may occur to have a relationship with a female. This one also occur for a love shy but a love shy man is not able handle it. he has not some basic abilities to overcome this situation. and because of this they often experience¬† painful moments in such conditions.


I think when it comes to cure love shyness it should be noted that it doesn’t mean that after the cure they easily are able to pick up a girl. the cure should be enabling them to control and handle situations that they may encounter with a girl in a way that they could start a relationship and all conditions are ready to do that. These situations may be occur by accident. may be after months.


Cure for love shyness should be reducing inhibition, social anxiety and more important to remove traumas. a good cure should enable love shy men to start good conversation and relations with other people. It’s the way they can achieve some normal behavior. the rest is like many of other people is to wait to find a girl in right moment to start a relationship with.




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