Autism; “Unbearable lightness of being”

Autism has a separate world. Other people could not understand how a person with autism feels the world and on the other hand people with autism also could not feel life in the way that other people feel. It is an strong border which in both sides there is no knowledge about the other side. It makes autism more complicated and it is why we are far from reaching to a solution for autism.

But could we guess how autistic people feel in each moment? I would say it is an unbearable lightness. Or it could be said that it is unbearable softness of feelings. They often are in a soft and light mood but it is unbearable for them. They try to scape from this unbearable and unstable situation in most of the moments of their life. they isolate themselves or they turn from it to hard feelings such as anger, anxiety, etc (which I call it as soft to hard phase change).

This is my classification for how people feel in each moments. It is a kind of soft feelings, but this kind of feeling is annoying. This is an state in which our mind system could not use its potential. It is an starting point for mind system to get actions, but in autism mind system stop at this situation. many autistic may feel it, but they may or may not recognize it.  When enough attention made, they could discover this “unbearable lightness of being”.

My words may look totally strange to people who may read this post. I may could not explain it in a sensible way and everyone has its own right to not accept and many will not accept. but I invite my very few readers just to have patience. In previous post I claimed that Autism is related to sexuality. I’m trying to present different strange parts of a puzzle and then look to the whole picture it will give us.




6 thoughts on “Autism; “Unbearable lightness of being”

  1. It must be disorienting, not being able to anticipate what the people in the world around you are doing. It’s much easier when you have a sense of how people may react to situations. Watching my son grow into a man, I noticed lack of social awareness. Since he was 3 years old, I have considered it my job to explain the world, especially the social world, to him. Where to look, who is in charge and why, who is with whom, everyone’s roles in a situation, and much more. Not many people have the time, interest, and words to do that. If I had not, I cannot imagine how he would have come to understand on his own. Is confusion in social matters the source of that unbearable lightness?

    • Thanks for your comment. I think the big problem with autism is that people with autism could not realize how other people react to the world and to many situations they encounter in each day. Actually we have many unknown rules, customs and manners that are internalized in our mental system by which we respond to our world. Autism is a disorder related to dysfunctioning of these unknown internalized manners. even when we learn people with autism to what to do, they will not get the spirit of these behaviors. they just learn to apply a copy of these routines. It is their mental system that can do it perfectly.

      About the unbearable lightness it is a mental situation. I believe that in this state mind tries to get a decision and react to the word but fails to move forward and stays in this mood. If mind passes this stage it routinely begin to exert its social ability to his outer world. no education needed. Mind system will perfectly do it. It is what I am trying to grab attentions to.

      Note: I’m not english language and my writing may have faults. apologize for that.

  2. I understand what you mean by soft. It’s like an existence without purpose. You want to achieve things but your mind just sits there. We have to really concentrate to get things done. It is only after my struggle with Colonopin detox, which was as bad or worse than other drugs, did I figure what “in the moment” means. When your suffering acute symptoms the only way to get through it sanely is to just be. Worring about the future just makes things worse. It is hard but everyday I tell myself things always get better. You are strong. You might look into Mindfulness. It’s help with my anxiety.

    • This is a very valuable comment for me. I think aspies could touch this feeling because they are smart enough to understand about their internal world.
      ” It’s like an existence without purpose. You want to achieve things but your mind just sits there. ” ; it’s completely like this. I think every person with autism or asperger or love shyness has this feeling even if it is hidden under other feelings. I believe that it is a key element about mind system of autism.
      I’m preparing a paper to show how this feeling rules on mind and makes certain differences between people with autism and others. Your confirmation make me stronger on my idea. Thanks a lot for your contribution.

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