“Future” from the window of autism society: Hope or disappointment?

The first time I heard about a disorder called as “autism” it grabbed my attention. I searched about it and I followed autism society in western countries (I mean people with autism, families and activists) through social networks and web. Autism society has made huge movements to introduce autism to the world and to help people with autism in many ways. On the other hand there are many academic efforts to understand the problem. But by considering all of these efforts; how autism society looks to future? Do they have hope that someday soon these efforts could solve the problem of autism?

I’m an observer far from the western society. I’m looking from the outside to learn and to gain new information. My feeling is that there is more disappointment than hope for future in autism society. It seems to me that nobody expects to find a cure. Scientific efforts now could not give a powerful signal to society that the matter is (or will be) known or everything is under the control. I think that the debate about the relation of vaccine and autism is a reaction to show this distrust. I don’t know; may my judgment and feeling is wrong but it seems to me that there is a kind of disappointment in the society.


2 thoughts on ““Future” from the window of autism society: Hope or disappointment?

  1. Yes, it’s like they love to do things for awareness, but they themselves are blind to our thinking. It’s all, let’s raise money but we don’t care about the individual. We are a subgroup that gets swept under the rug. People are comfortably ignorant and they don’t want to change.

    • Thanks for your comment. you are very welcome.
      You are right. They speak about autism the way they understand and they don’t seek for what really people with autism think. It’s unfortunately a one way street.
      “a subgroup that gets swept under the rug” ; The real life of autism has never been in our art, literature or cinema. It seems that they are from another planet. We should understand that they are human like everybody else and deserve their parts in our civilization.

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