Autism; what’s beneath the surface?

According to my knowledge, ASD mainly is defined based on the what is appeared from outside. They have been evaluated with their deviations from outer “normal” life. It is said that they could not communicate, have poor pair bonding, have repetitive behavior , etc. All of these definitions are made by and outside observation.

I think an important question is how these people with autism feel and look at the world. I don’t know if one had replied to it and I couldn’t find any source telling me about their internal world. Actually this knowledge is only achievable through a wise and careful psycho + analysis. analysis is important. For this we shall go beneath the surface. deeply.

In a previous post I told that there is a very strong border between the world of people with ASD and others. They are judged and defined from an outer look. Also they are not able to effectively show their world to others. there are two planet with creatures with different languages. This gap could be reduces by applying a wise psycho analysis. Then finding cure and solution would be easier.

P.S.1: I talked about wise psycho analysis. psycho analysis is not talk therapy (as it is misunderstood today). It is a deep analysis of mind. Freudian psycho analysis nowadays is consider as out dated + non scientific approach, but It is very soon to put it aside.

P.S.2: In a previous post I talked about an state of mind as “unbearable lightness” as an state of feeling which people with autism feel often. This could be touched through analysis by people with high functioning autism. This state is very escapee and transient in our conscious mind but its role is very effective for function of mind system.


6 thoughts on “Autism; what’s beneath the surface?

  1. Hello.First, your English is better than my Iranian so well done and thank you for your considered insight and effort to understand the very wide spectrum of autistic spectrum conditions. It is important to understand that each person with this condition is an individual in their own right, with varying degrees of additional conditions – some minor, some severe. The unifying factors among our number are: 1) A measure of impairment in social imagination – though that does not necessarily mean a lack of imagination; 2) An impairment in social communication – though that does not necessarily mean we do not want to communicate, just that we do not register the nuances of generally accepted communication habits; 3) Impairment in social relationships – naturally, given the communication difficulties, social relationships can be uncomfortable experiences for those of us who are autistic.

    The world can be harsh towards our group as we tend to speak as we see, which can be too close to honesty for many to cope with, so we are quietened by being treated as something diminished or pitiable. The confusion of the world can be painful for us and our direct clarity can be difficult for the world to accept, so why we have to integrate is another mystery.

    I wish you well with your search for insight, which seems very honest to me. I like your website.

    • Thanks for your support. I really need the help of people like you. I don’t feel I need much help from professors or scientists but I need help and insight of people who are with autism. To me its a treasure.
      Your wise explanation of autism is what I really feel and understand about autism. I truly believe that people with autism are the same as other people in their deep inner world. It means that their look and desires are the same. They feel the world but they can’t achieve it. They are enough wise. they want to communicate, they have a desire to love like any other people, but they have obstacles to go for them.
      I believe in case of autism we shall have hope for future and one of my great wishes is to see a day when people with autism can live the life like others. to me it seems that it is achievable.

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