The Id, Ego and Super ego; a way to define “sexual”

In one of previous posts I noted that autism may be sexual but not directly. The phenomenon of “Sexual” is ambiguous. Although it is defined in many of books and dictionaries, but I think there are more about sex and “sexual” to say.
Matt Ridley in his book “The Red Queen: Sex and the Evolution of Human Nature” mentions that most aspects of human nature could not be considered apart from sex. In this view evolution of mankind is mostly through sexual selection. I’m not a biologist to define “sexual” in this way but I try to define the term with the help of Freudian psychoanalysis. For this I should define Freud’s structural model of mind (the way I understand it of course).

Freud says that our mental apparatus is consisted of 3 parts:
The Id; “that contains a human’s basic, instinctual drives”
The ego; “it seeks to please the id’s drive in realistic ways”
The superego; “reflects the internalization of cultural rules”

To define these 3 parts I should define it through an example. Consider that there is a river (the Id) in wild nature. It has a great force and energy. It goes everywhere possible for him, without no rule or order and it may flood and destroy everything in front of it. It is the wild id, but mankind should control the river and domesticate it because he wants to live in safe.

To solve the problem human eventually tries to make a dam (the ego) on it. By a dam its overflow and flood in destructive ways will be controlled. But it is not the only use of the dam. The dam could make many benefits for the society. It could make electricity (by turbines), could provide water for agriculture or other uses in systematic ways, etc. and it regulates the life of people in downstream of the river. The dam is productive also.

When human improved he found that the dam itself needs to be controlled. Sometimes we shall turn off the turbines, sometimes we need to open the safety gate, etc. So we invent a control system (the super ego). It has a nonstop control over the dam to not allow any dysfunctioning. The dam should not allow the water to pass unless the control system allows. On control room every time you can see “error” and “warning” on monitor. It orders everyone:
“Error no 782; shame on you.” “Warning; you are destroying everything” “Turbine no 3; shut up”
“Safety gate; you can open it now. Enjoy it.”

Let’s come back to our story of “sexual”. The id (river) is the source of instincts and desire and we guess most of it is sexual contents. It means that it is full of energy seeking pleasure. But the ego (dam) controls it. It changes the form of wild sexual drive to useful productive forms of energy. But it is only transforming from a kind of energy to other forms of energy. The nature of it will never change and the nature of the sexual drive during this displacement (or “sublimation”) remains fixed.

I think many of things which come out from us (including our behavior) could be considered as sexual in their nature. Its energy comes from sexual drive. When I say autism could be sexual, it means that, in its nature, it is related to energy of sexual drive. It is apparently linked to our feeling of pleasure which I try to explain it in another post.


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