Social Behavior: An Evolutionary Dilemma

It is an idea that I truly believe in it. I also think social behavior is of evolution of our mind system through formation of civilization. This evolution has a great connection with autism. Finding the idea of similarity between ancestral human and aspergers here in this blog surprised me. The idea is wise and I think the blogger is genius. thanks her for letting me to share it.

Asperger: The HypoSocial Human

A conceptual mistake: That early Wild Humans displayed modern social behavior.

Oh sure! Nomadic hunter gatherers wore suits and ties and held business meetings. Nomadic hunter gatherers paid taxes. Nomadic hunter gatherers had electricity, power tools and built 3-car garages to house their “toys.” Nomadic hunter gatherers texted their friends every minute of every day. Nomadic hunter gatherers were crammed together in movie theaters, schools, sports stadiums and high-rise apartment buildings and pushed carts loaded with junk food around the grocery. Nomadic hunter gatherers had hundreds of thousands of written laws, law courts and prisons. Hunter gatherers gathered millions of men together, formed armies, navies and air forces and fought World Wars. Hunter gatherers built Mega-Churches and asked Jesus to find them mates. Need I say more?

At this point, we’ve established that modern social humans, their word-based magical thought process, and juvenile behavior and appearance, and severely unequal social hierarchy, can be traced back a mere 10,000…

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