Hopes about autim

I’m suffering when I see people with autism have huge pain and sorrow in their life. This post is about giving a hope and some instructions. I hope that it will be useful for some people. 

First of all; I’m an unknown blogger. very few people read my posts, and I’m not in a position to claim about something that others notice about it. But I have faith in what I write here. You know what is faith? I know it now.

I think in coming years we will see huge improvements on scientific studies about autism. maybe in 10 years we will hear very good news. As a person who made a research about autism, I believe that some studies now are on the right track. It is very hopeful and I think studies will find their true ways in future. I can bet on it and you can remember what I write here.

Seeing people suffering makes me suffer specially in autism. I could understand the pressure and the pain. It is one of the worst in our world. I could not avoid myself to give below instructions. for those who are disappointed looking for a way to solve the problem. I invite them to read and try below instructions. ( it is for people with high functioning autism):

1- In case of autism it is about unpleasure. You can find the unpleasure if you concentrate. We have a broad range of unpleasure which gives different feelings. all of them are undesirable. First you should concentrate on pain.

2- It is about bearing unbearable. bearing and patience is a key. you should tolerate unbearables. things that can’t kill you makes you stronger.

3- First of all you will face with unbearable feelings. It seems that those feeling are very more stronger than you. It seems impossible. But when you are determined you will see that things get easier and easier by time. you should practice more and more.

4- You should be a warrior. Nothing is more hard and scary than what you feel in your mind. There is a white demon in your mind. but it is your mind and you have enough power. You have enough. believe it. and you should know that you should be in war in every moment.

5- There is a lesson in climbing a mountain. If you have experience you know that you should have an slow continuous progress. there is no way for regret and coming back. you should go forward. so go slowly and continuously.

6- Try to protect yourself from bad impulses. be aware of them and avoid them.

7- If you made a progress or if you faced with regression don’t be over happy or over sad. It is a part of the game. It is a long way to reach a better place.

Have patience and bear unbearables. And know that it is a long way.


10 thoughts on “Hopes about autim

  1. Thanks-you for your kind thoughts. I’ve been thinking about the advice you give at number 2:

    “It is about bearing unbearable. bearing and patience is a key. you should tolerate unbearables. things that can’t kill you makes you stronger.”

    For me there are two problems I have with my autistic way of seeing things:
    (a) I struggle with communication and constantly feel “out of step” with other people’s seemingly fluid and incomprehensible understanding of words and gestures. I deal with this by trying my best to respond appropriately by reading from a databank in my head of all the previous encounters I have had and apologising when I get it wrong.
    (b) I also struggle with over-sensitivity – particularly to noise and touch and to light and people.
    When I was younger the worst part about the autism was getting things wrong and getting into trouble for things I’ve misunderstood, or things I’ve said that turned out to be rude or offensive when I had no intention of communicating that. Imagine seeing a doctor for something that’s really hurting you but you can’t communicate it properly and so can get no treatment at best and at worst you get told off for getting upset.

    Nowadays though, since my diagnosis, when I can see that a disconnect is happening (mainly when conversations don’t follow logically) I can explain about the autism and generally people have been very helpful indeed and I have been able to get my main point across. Things do still go wrong but I have a way to put them right now.

    Nowadays the worst part of being autistic for me is the oversensitivity – especially to sound and touch and people (light is OK if it’s constant but not if it’s flashing). My theory is that autistic people have a weak “self” – a psychological thing most people call “me” or “I”. I think when sounds happen (for me the worst is people talking and shouting and pop music being played) then these things fill up the insides of me and I can only exist in the gaps between the sounds. So the panic and fear and extreme reactions come from feeling like your going to be annialated, your going to disappear and lose your actual existance. So, from an autistic point of view – the sounds or light or touch or whatever it is, feels like it will psychologically kill you. When it’s happening it feels like you are going to die.

    This is why I have learned that I have to act to protect myself from these things – I put in earplugs and industrial ear defenders and then I do something which joins my self together again – like reading Star Wars comcs or drawing. Then when I’m whole I can get on with things.
    There are some experts who recommend learning to tolerate small amounts of the thing an autistic person can’t stand and I can see the logic in that but I don’t think they realise it’s like holding your breath to do that. That’s how it is for me anyway.

    The other thing I thought about you brilliant post was that if your autism is mild, like mine, then it’s not all bad. It also gives me kind of “super-powers” so I can concentrate for a long time if I’m doing something which is special to me, I can remember Everything and in the right order. I can look at something and draw it easily and I am brilliant with animals. All of these things do really help. For people with severe autism, and for their families, I imagine things can be very hard at times. One of the hardest things is never having a rest from it – for the person and the family.
    Thanks for your encouraging post. I send kind regards,
    (Sorry this comment got so long. I hope it’s OK)

    • Thanks for your comment. It is nice of you that explain your words perfectly for me. I generally agree with your theory of weak ‘self’. It is what I understand about autism in another way. In psychoanalysis it is called as ego. actually ego is our ‘self’ made by a kind of evolution in our mental system. It controls our relation with the outer world. it set up best responses. It is also my thought that when ego is more perfect it respond to outer world in efficient , safe and convenient way. something that I bring here as resistance is related to ego perfectness which I am trying to complete it as a theory and publish it in a journal.

      You mentioned about the feelings of sensitivity and the feeling that it is like it is killing you. you should consider that when we observe it microscopically all people have such feelings, although in autism it is very significant. I call it as unpleasure. in psychoanalysis it is related to dead drive. It happens when our ego is not able to respond to outer world in a proper way. all people experience it but only people with autism can be aware of it.

      In case I suggest about “bearing unbearable” , first one should chase his unpleasure. one should concentrate on it. it will lead to certain feelings. After that training mind for tolerance could be helpful. But when focusing on unpleasure enough care shall be done. one should not put over pressure on himself, although he should practice and be persistent.

      Again thanks for your comment. I will be happy if you share more about your feelings.


      • Thanks for your reply.
        This ‘bearing the unbearable’ you talk about reminds me of the years I spent in meditation training – learning to accept whatever comes, let it pass by and just sit. What I was trained in was a japanese sitting meditation called ‘Just Sitting’ and mindfullness. I have tried using this to deal with a chronic neuropathic pain problem I have but chasing my ‘unpleasure’ with neuropathic pain hurt rather than helped even after considerable perseverance. I have found mindfullness to be much better for severe physical pain.
        Kind regards,

    • Thanks again to let me know about your experience.
      I don’t know about the Yuga. maybe my way is similar to that. I don’t know. but we should note that this way may hurt. I accept it. because of this great care shall be applied. It is much like body building. If you first start it you can not do anything. If you put much pressure on yourself it may hurt you. Only by regular and proper practices, when the time passes, your brain will learn to withstand. Sometimes I do it about unpleasure I feel. When I feel that it could hurt I stop for a while and then just concentrate on regular practice. First dealing with it , it’s very unbearable. when time passes things get easier and easier. sometimes things get better but after that unpleasure returns. It is a charachteristics of unpleasure which repeats. but it just is another reason to continue practices.

  2. This was a very interesting post on a very interesting blog. Why would you stop blogging?

    FYI, there is currently a study being done on autism in Baltimore that will scan your brain and tell you the results. It’s worth checking out, right?

    Also, my blog is now under the website laurietopin.com. Please come back to blogging, and I’m looking forward to seeing you on my site!

    • First of all; Thanks for your support. I had prepared a paper about a new theory on autism and i had sent it to IJP and it is under decision now. I’m waiting for their reply and meanwhile I’m busy with my personal matters.

      About scanning brain it could be very useful but I think a base theory is required to shape future studies. let’s see what will be the result.

      • Best of luck with this. Would love to be notified if the paper goes through so I can read it

    • It seems that I am not able to leave comment on your website and also I can’t follow. Your first post was very interesting to me. believe in the path that you have chosen. you may face with some sorts of disappointment sometimes but it is worth to neglect them and to overcome. Yes , broken heart is just obsession. It is my opinion too. All things happen in our mind not outside. It is the way our mind plays and we are able to alter this playing.

      • I think I do believe in this path. It’s so scary sometimes, but like I wrote in my very last post, I know how the road behind me starts and ends, and it would be far worse than this unknown land. Broken heart can very much be obsession. Obsession too can break your heart. And the cycle continues until you choose to break another part of you…and it’s not an easy choice.

        Looking forward to hearing from you more. I wonder why you can’t follow or like my blog? Though I believe you already are a follower

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