Munich shooting is similar to Sandy Hook shooting

Munich shooting absorbed my attention as the murderer was a German Iranian teenager. Shortly it is very similar to heart breaking Sandy Hook shooting in US than Breivik shooting in Norway. Both murderers were teenagers and the target also was children. Both made suicide after attack.

I can guess that Munich murderer had social impairments same as Sandy Hook shooter. This kind of social impairments is coming with extreme anger towards children of the same age as they can not compete and suffer bullying. This is very likely  that this disorder falls on Autism spectrum.

This type of disorder is dangerous as there is strong revenge thoughts and shall be recognized by educational system as an special disorder among boy teenagers to help them be cured and keep them under protection.


My heart for all the children who were killed in both massacres. and for those who were the first victims, was not able to find a way to escape their horrible mind.


7 thoughts on “Munich shooting is similar to Sandy Hook shooting

  1. Very good point raised here. I have experienced similar things while growing up which is why whenever I read about a shooting, my first response is always: “This could have been me.” Fortunately, it never was.

      • Good point. Actually these sufferings is very very high and intense. our mind in this situation is completely in a destructive mode and when gun is available everything is possible.

      • Another reason why it was never me was because at the time when I was experiencing my worst bullying in junior high school, it was the early 1970s and back then school shootings were unheard of.

      • So you were very lucky. I think nowadays media help repeating such awful things by spreading the news about it. They inform ways and patterns to release anger.

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